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Google+ Can Boosts Your Website’s Page Ranking

Your website’s page ranking can be really helped by signing up to Google+. This is because customers can then visit your Google+ business page and leave reviews of your service. The more good reviews you get will help boost your website’s page ranking. It certainly has helped Modern Print & Design site.

Google+ could be described as Googles Facebook. Just like Facebook you sign up with a personal profile that you can use to keep in touch with your friends and then create a business page to support your online commercial presence. However, that is where the similarities end. Once you have set up your business page (or claimed it if it already existed) you will find it starts taking effect. For instance, when searching for a local supplier Google+ puts web pages linked to it in a very prominent position, ahead of the national suppliers. Best of all this service is free of charge.

See for yourself. Go to Google and type in "Printers in Pembrokeshire." You will find one or two national firms in ‘paid for’ positions and then a list of local printers with Google+ pages. Best of all, if your customers have given you good reviews you will find a high star rating under your page entry! It really makes you stand out.

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Posted by Trevor Collins

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