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Guaranteed First Page Website Ranking

Never believe website designers who say, guaranteed first page website ranking on Google . Or indeed, any other search engine. This is because the only way that they can guarantee it is my using one of the following cheats. Cheats, that do no-one any good over the longer term  –

Paid For Adverts

This is where the website designer takes out Google adverts to get you onto page one. Basically, they pay to appear at the top of page one when someone types in a particular phrase. For example they take out an advert to appear every time someone types into Google ‘website designers in Pembrokeshire‘. However, every time someone clicks on it your account will be charged a fee .What is more, once the money stops being paid to Google you will disappear from page one.

Using An Obscure Search Engine Term

This is an old trick that works as follows.

You sign a contract that guarantees to get your on page one. However, the exact term is never stipulated. So you wanted to get your shoe shop on page one for searches of ‘shoe shops in Pembrokeshire. Sadly though you end up being on page one for searches for ‘Shoe shops in Outer Mongolia.’ Alternatively it could be some equally obscure search term.

Strictly speaking your developer has fulfilled their promise and have got you onto page one of Google. However, any visitors you get from it are worthless to you.

The Truth on Getting To Page One on Google

  • The only way you will get onto page one of Google for the term that you want is by working on your website’s Search Engine Optimisation every week.
  • You need to post regular blog articles full of relevant words that people are searching for.
  • You need to add or change your website’s photos on a regular basis.
  • You need to regularly post news and articles to social media, linking it back to the relevant page on your website.
  • Your need to match the words on your website to the things that you want to be found for in searches.

Unfortunately there are no long term shortcuts to getting onto page one of Google.

Please call today on 01646 682676 to speak to our website designers in Pembrokeshire about strategy that will more than likely get you onto page one of Google if pursued over the medium term. Alternatively, send a message by following this link.

We won’t claim a Guaranteed First Page Website Ranking, but will give you the tools to more than likely achieve it.




Guaranteed First Page Website Ranking

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