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Gummed Bookplate Printers

Please call 01646 682676 today for gummed bookplate printers in Pembrokeshire. Not only can we print these traditional labels but also design them for you.

Pictured is a reproduction of some gummed bookplate labels we were asked to reproduce for a book restoration business in Portland, England. These labels were an exact reproduction (print imperfections and all) of a label design last printed in the late eighteen hundreds. What is more, the customer was delighted with them. It was exactly what they were looking for. However, please remember that our gummed bookplate printers can also create modern designs if you would like something more contemporary.

Your bookplate labels will be printed on a traditional litho offset printing machine using real printing ink. This means they will last for decades and decades without the image degrading. This is the opposite of modern laser based printers, where the toner can flake off as the years pass. Furthermore, you can have them any size you want to fit your books. After all, we are bespoke gummed bookplate printers, so want to make this completely unique to you.

Reproducing Gummed Bookplate Labels

As already touched upon, if you want to reproduce an existing bookplate we can even reproduce the print imperfections for you. Or alternatively they can all be removed and the image reproduced as a pristine label. You decide.

The only limitation is that in keeping with the way gummed bookplates were traditionally printed, only one colour can be used per print run. However, you will have almost complete freedom to choose the colour you would like. All you have to do is give us a recognised Pantone colour reference number, or a existing printed sample of it.

So please call today on 01646 682676 for gummed bookplate printers to get yours printed. Alternatively you could send us a message by following this link.


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