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Hanging Tag Printing in Pembrokeshire | Tel 01646 682676

Looking for top-quality hanging tag printing in Pembrokeshire? Look no further – Modern Print & Design has got you covered! You can get in touch with them on 01646 682676 to discuss your printing needs.

When it comes to hanging tag printing, you’re in complete control. Firstly you get to decide the size, the card colour, and even the corners of your tags. Secondly they can have square cut corners or a practical 45-degree angle cut. Finally, if you’re thinking of using these tags outdoors, no problem – they can be printed on durable plastic, with rounded corners for extra durability.

Now, let’s talk about the hole where the string goes through. You have options! You can have it reinforce with paper washers for added strength, or opt for brass eyelets for a touch of sophistication. The string itself can be as long as you want, whether it’s conventional string or elastic. Plus, you can choose to leave the ends untied or tied to create a loop – the choice is all yours.

Your hanging tags are your canvas, and you can print whatever you need on them. From price and product information to safety messages, they can convey your message with clarity. Above all, you can have your information printed on one side or both, depending on your requirements.

Hanging Tag Printing & Design

The best part? Modern Print & Design has got your back. Their talented graphic designers will handle all the design work, ensuring your tags turn out exactly the way you want and need them.

In conclusion, if you’re seeking exceptional hanging tag printing in Pembrokeshire, don’t hesitate to call Modern Print & Design on 01646 682676. Furthermore, with a range of options at your disposal and a skilled team ready to assist, you’ll have your hanging tags in hand just the way you envision them. Your branding, your style – they’ve got it all covered!

Alternatively, you can send a message by following this link today and one of our hanging tag printing experts will get back to you.

hanging tag printers in Pembrokeshire
Hanging tag printing in Pembrokeshire
Hanging tag printing in Pembrokeshire

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