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Hotel Booking Scam Effecting Tenby and Pembrokeshire

Accommodation providers are asked to remain alert to possible booking scams. They tend to follow this pattern:

1.      Enquiry is made for a booking, for a medium to large amount of people, for a reasonably long period of time. The total cost is usually over £1,000

2.      Enquiry is made if credit cards are accepted

3.      The accommodation provider replies giving the total cost of the booking

4.      The enquirer responds with the details of how "payment" will be made. This involves the provider being sent the credit card details of the fraudster, who will ask that a sum vastly over the cost is charged to the card.

5.      Then, the provider must send the balance between this sum and the accommodation cost to a "booking agent" whose details are given.

These scams are constantly in circulation and businesses are advised to treat them with extreme caution. The latest one seen comes from a "Fred Martin". Other names noted doing the rounds are:

william ken, Michael charytor, Mr Allen C Thompson, Murphy Lee, Dr David Hester, becky smithkline, Franklin Great, William Dimson, Frank George, Rev Frank Adams.

Businesses should be aware that scams like these do sometimes use real people’s names as a front for their operations.


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