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‘Industry And Commerce Register of Business Information’ Scam Targets Pembrokeshire Businesses

Yet again Pembrokeshire is being targeted by the "European City Guide."  A company that seeks to mislead people into committing to an expensive contract.

This time the paper work is being sent out to Pembrokeshire businesses, appears to come from the "Industry And Commerce Register of Business Information ." This is just another name for the European City Guide.

It asks you to check the business details they hold for you and then return a document with signature, in the envelope provided. However, if you read the entire thing you will fined that by signing and returning it, you are agreeing to pay for your business to appear in 3 additions of the directory. This will cost you Euro 2991!

It is all there, however, they rely on people not reading it . If you need any more proof just Google "Industry And Commerce Register of Business Information"  and your will see the many warnings posted.

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