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Web Tip – Keep Your Social Media Profiles Up To Date

It is just as important to keep your social media profile fresh as it is to send out your posts. So make sure to keep your branding up to date on all the social media platforms you use.

For example keep you header / cover photo on your Facebook business page up to date. If it fails to match your branding or your profile details are incorrect it will undermine all the hard work you are doing sending out posts. The same applies to Twitter and LinkedIn etc.

This especially applies to your opening hours and contact details. If they are out of date on any of your social media platforms it could cost you dearly. A customer could try and fail to get in touch with you meaning that you lose out on a sale.  What is more, Google rewards businesses that keep their online presence consistent across multiple social media platforms. It does this by giving a boost to your websites page ranking. So you see, the benefits are twofold. A better page ranking and more chance of a sale from a social media post.

It is equally important to keep your email communications up to date and looking fresh. A case in point is our own monthly newsletter. It was in need of a revamp so our website designer gave it a complete overhaul. If you would like to sign up to our monthly newsletter please send us a message with the newsletter sign up box ticked by  following this link.

Equally, if you would like a free, no commitment review of your current social media profiles please call Trevor today on 01646 682676. Alternatively follow this link to send us a message.

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