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Pembrokeshire based Ability Power asked our label designers to help them create a range of 5 different labels for them.  The labels are going to be stuck to the side of the industrial generators that they sell to businesses throughout the UK.

Whilst they had an existing logo they asked the label designers to bring it up to date by tweaking the way it is used on advertising material such as printed labels. To this end our label designers created a rang of different layout styles for them to chose from to give them plenty of choice.  These different styles where then narrow down through a process of amalgamation and amending until the style you see on the label opposite was reached.

Once this logo setting was agreed upon the labels design could move on the the body text required to support Ability Powers message.  This included a grid on the largest size label for service inspection dates to be recorded. This made it vitally  important that the labels were easy to wright on as well as being tough.

The final part of the process was to let our label printers produce them. Due the the requirement that the labels had to be both strong and let the users easily wright on them it was decided to print them in full colour on white polypropylene plastic with permanent glue on the back. This was then finished off with a matte varnish coating over the top to protect the ink from scratching off. At the same time it made then much easier to wright on with standard pens.

If you would like to speak to one of our label designers and printers call today on 01646 682676 or follow this link to contact the studio. We would be delighted to arrange a free, no commitment design consultation for you.

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