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Businesses looking for logo designers in Pembrokeshire will not be disappointed by Modern Print & Designs studio. For over 60 years our graphic designers have been creating logos and brands to help promote local businesses more effectively. Businesses like yours.

When you get in touch the first thing you will offered is a free, no commitment design consultation. At this consultation you will spent time with an expert graphic designer who will guide you through the creation of your design brief. This is done by talking to you about what  your aims, likes and dislikes are, whilst taking lots of relevant notes.  These structured notes become your design brief which will allow your Pembrokeshire logo designer to give you a price for your project.

As part of this process you will also get sound marketing advice. Advice on on what may appeal to your target audience and help with you strapline. A short sentence that always appears with your logo to sum up what you do. For example, our strapline is, ‘Tailored Marking Online and in Print.’ This sums up what you will get and helps avoid confusion. After all we could be selling artistic prints to hang on a wall. Modern Print & Design has several potential meanings.

Once you comision our Pembrokeshire logo designers to create your brand you will be given a date for receipt of you first proofs. These are copies of proposed designs. All of these will be created from scratch, so that they are unique to you. What normally happens than is that the proposed logo designs go through several rounds of revisions and redesigns. This process continues until we arrive at a corporate logo that suit your market and business.

If you would like to arrange a free, no commitment, design consultation with one of our expert logo designers in Pembrokeshire, please call Trevor today on 01646 682676. Alternatively send us a message by following this link.

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