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Monthly Web Tip – Develop A Social Media Plan

This does not need to be a written document. Just a plan in your own mind of what you want to do on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram etc over the next 12 months. This is because if you do not plan anything you may not do anything.

You might decide that only LinkedIn is effective for you, or perhaps Instagram and Facebook. It all depends on your customer profile. That is, what social media channels your customers are likely to use. For example, people selling to other business owners often fined Linkedin the best way to reach potential customers. Whereas, business selling to retail customers often find Facebook the best social media platform to use.

Our plan at the studio is very simple. To send out two social media posts each day Monday – Thursday on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram using Hootsuite. We do not bother with Friday, Saturday or Sunday because our clients are business owners who do most of their decision making from Monday to Thursday.

Hootsuite is a website that links to all your social media accounts. It allows you to then write an article on it and send it to all your social media accounts in one go. Find out more by following this link. This is the reason we use so many social media channels. Is is just as easy to send to four of them as to one when using Hootsuite. So you might as well target them all. What is more, with the paid service Hootsuite will chose the best time to send your posts to reach the most people.

If you would like a free, no commitment review of your website and social media presence by a professional web developer please call 01646 682676. Alternatively follow this link to send us a message.

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