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Monthly Website Tip – Use This Quiet Time To Review Your Website

There is an old saying in business and politics – never let a crisis pass without using it to your advantage.

Like many businesses at the moment you may be experiencing a period of little or no trade. So use this time constructively. Plan and do things that you have been putting off that will boost your business once the virus is back under control.

One of the best things you can do to facilitate this to review and update the content of your website. You may even consider adding new pages and product / service categories.

Google loves regular changes and rewards them with a better page ranking. What is more, make sure the key words that you are using on each page are still relevant. Key words the words you would like to be found for when typed into search engines such as Google.

For example, I want to be found by people searching for ‘web designers in Pembrokeshire‘. So I worked these keywords into the text on my websites home page as many times as I could whilst making it sound natural. It is as easy as that. Remember though, do not put the same keywords on every page. Each page of your website should focus on different keywords. This is so your website stands a good chance of being found for many different phrases being typed into search engines.

Once you have updated your keywords let your website designers know what they are. Your website designers will then update the ‘meta tags’ in your websites coding with these same words. This will give them extra potency in the search engines listings.

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