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Ocean Cove Coastal Retreat Needed Help With Tripadviser

Thank you so much Chris!!!! Really appreciate your help on this one. Have a good day!

Emma Morgan, Help With Tripadvisor

Ocean Cove Coastal Retreat

Ocean Cove Coastal Retreats is a owner only holiday park that sells luxury lodges to it residents who then rent a pitch off them to site it on.  In the distant past it had been part of a bigger holiday park that rented out accommodation – but not any more. However, they had inherited from Tripadvisor the listing from the bigger park that no longer existed and could not get them to take it down. This is despite the fact that they do not rent out accommodation!

Ocean Cove had sent Tripadvisor meany emails explaining the situation but they had done nothing. So in desperation they came to us for help.

The first thing our Pembrokeshire website designer did was email tripadviser explaining the situation and asking them to remove the listing. However, Tripadviser did nothing; not even sending a reply. So Chris (our web designer) then had to track down their telephone number. Like all internet giants this was well hidden – but not well enough!

Chris finally got to speak to someone who initially said they could not remove the listing. This was despite that fact that Ocean Cove did not rent out accommodation! However, Chris managed to persuade them to take a look at their website that clearly showed that the park did not accept rental visitors. It was only then that the penny dropped and they agreed to remove the listing. It has now finally been removed.

The behavior of some of these big firms is ridiculous.

As you can imagine Ocean Cove Coastal Retreats were delighted that we had achieved what they could not and sent the warm email you see above.


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