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Pembroke Dock Chamber Of Trade Tidy Up Town Center

Pembroke Dock Chamber of Trade have decided to start a campaign to get their Town centre tidied up. However this is is not an armchair exercise, the members will be doing alot of the work themselves.

The Chamber will try to raise the money to buy a small suction street cleaning machine, which they will then use themselves to clear away the discarded litter on a weekly basis from the main street. This is because despite repeated efforts to get shopkeepers in the town to clean outside their shops very few are doing so.

Trevor, Modern Prints Managing Partner said, " I do not understand it. If you stop and look around you can see the liter and cigarette butts on the street. Yet so many shopkeepers ignore it even when outside their own business.  Litter does not make your shop look inviting to a customer. This is why we always sweep the pavement, gutter and parking bays next to us at least once week."

For the larger challenges they will lobby Pembrokeshire County Council to improve the look of the town centre and make good any repairs that are needed.


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