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Pembrokeshire Sneeze Screens Made & in Place Ready For Reopening

Sneeze Screens in Pembrokeshire

It has been a busy day at Modern Print & Design putting things in place for reopening. At some point customers will need to come in for meetings and we want to do this safely for them and us. To this end Trevor has made this 125cm wide ‘sneeze screen’. It will separate the designers from clients when they come into the studio for a free design consultation. If you need a sneeze screen for your shop or office please call today on 01646 682676. We would be happy to sell you tough laminating film to put your own up or direct you to a purpose macker of them.

The screen that Trevor made consisted of two lengths of heavy duty lamination film taped together. This creates a 125cm wide barrier – more than enough to block out any nasty bugs and viruses.

The hardest part was putting a row of 4 hooks in the sealing to hold the sneeze screen up. This is because they had to be screwed into the rafters which were hidden behind the plasterboard ceiling. Lucky we were able to find them with only one small mistaken hole made!

Finally the laminate screen had 4 round holes punched in the top of it that the hooks go through to hold it up.

The end result is shown in the photo opposite.

In addition to this we have ordered a purpose made perspex screen to go on the counter. This will enable all customers to be safely served. It is being made by local plastics company – Slipscreens.

If you need help getting purpose made sneeze screens in Pembrokeshire or the materials to make you own please call Trevor today on 01646 682676. On the other hand you could send a message by following this link.

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