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Pembrokeshire Web Designer Back In Work

Good news everyone! Chris, our website designer is going to be back in work on Monday following his course of Chemotherapy for MS.

Chris has already undergone one coarse of this unpleasant treatment 12 month ago with grate success – he has not had a relapse since receiving it. This final course is a top up to make sure that the MS stayed away.
So come Monday, you will all be able to call him directly at the studio with your website design and management questions. 
As meany of you know MS is a disease where the outer lining of the victims nerves are attacked by the patience own immune system. This stops the nerves from sending messages to and from the brain. The Chemotherapy treatment harnesses the destructive side effect of these drugs, namely destroying the patients immune system and puts it to good use.  In over 70% of cases when the sufferer immune grows back it is slightly different from the old one and stops attacking the lining of the nerves!