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Pembrokeshire Website Designers Re Style Site For Gwylan

Gwylan asked our Pembrokeshire website designers to restyle their website home page to make it more dynamic and interactive.  The design brief was to remodel it in a way that got more visitors to go engage further into their website. 

Gwylan are a fantastic firm that brings meditation into schools and businesses as a way of improving performance and well being. This consistently delivers dramatic results in schools.


The first thing that the web designer working on the project did was add full screen film footage to the home page to generate a feeling of movement and activity – but in a calming manner. This was achieved by using film of water gently flowing down a river and the tide advancing on a beach.
The web designer next added lots of call to action buttons with appropriate headings to encourage visitors to explore further. A call to action button is a link that is designed to encourage people to click on it.  The ones used on Gwylans site included, ‘Learn More’ and ‘Talking Point’ blog articles.
I am pleased to say that the team at Gwylan were delighted with the results of the work and the new dynamic home page has gone live.
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