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Plastic Leaflet Printers in Pembrokeshire

Our plastic leaflet printers are ready to help you with all your requirements today. So please call 01646 682676 to get hard-wearing leaflets printed on plastic. 

Pictured is the leaflet that we have just printed for Real First Aid on Synthetic plastic paper. This was needed because the leaflet had to be able to survive in harsh environments for prolonged periods of time. For example, it might be shoved into the bottom of your pocket in a work jacket that gets wet on a regular basis. Or alternatively squeezed into a full wallet where it gets scuffed every time you take out your payment card. So, it really needs to be on plastic because paper and card would just fall to pieces.

This is the chief benefit which plastic leaflet printers bring to you. The leaflets they produce are very hard-wearing and water doesn’t affect them at all. Consequently they are perfect for all sorts of environments where paper and card would just fall to pieces. For example –

  • Menus in places where they might easily get stained such as chip shops.
  • Instruction leaflets that have to last for years of regular use.
  • First aid leaflets which hopefully never get used but have to be at hand all of the time.
  • Leaflets / information sheets used by divers.
  • Anything associated with a marine or permanently wet environment.

Furthermore, there is nothing that you cannot print on plastic that you can on paper and card. This even includes perforating and numbering them. Indeed, the only thing you need to remember is that plastic tends to be more springy when first folded. However, this will decrease the longer your leaflet is left after folding.

Call our Plastic leaflet printers today on 01646 682676.

Alternatively follow this link to send message today.

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