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Trevor Visites The Sign and Digital Print Show and Bumps into Darth Vader

Last week Trevor attended the UK Sign and Digital Printing Exhibition at the NEC in Birmingham.  The reason for this was to keep up to date with the latest technical developments in the industry. Developments that enables him to keep giving you better and better products and services in Pembrokeshire.

This year there was a  focus on printed tents and gazebos which are perfect for exhibition stands at agricultural shows. You can now get an easy to assemble inflatable tent. The big advantage of this is that it is incredible light to transport and needs absolutely no technical skill to put up. All you need to do is connect it to an electric pump powered from your car battery. This is done via the cars cigarette lighter which does all the hard work for you.  It quite literally puts itself up!

If you are unable to power the electric pump you could always use a good old manual foot pump. However, this would involve quite a lot more effort.

Whilst there Trevor also bumped some imperial stormtroopers with their commanding officer. Apparently they have been moonlighting as paper merchants in between planning galactic domination. The way Brexit is going we could probably do a lot worse!

The funny thing is that as a boy Trevor really did get to meet the actor who played Darth Vader in the original Star Wars film. This was because he had a side line working as the Green Cross Code Man and visited many of the schools in Pembrokeshire.

If you would like a free consultation with an experienced design to discuss you sign, printing or exhibition tent project please call Trevor today on 01646 682676. Alternatively, you can send a message by following this link.


Sign and Digital Printing Show in Birminghams NEC

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