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When you need stationery bill book printers just call 01646 682676. This is because our printers have been designing and printing stationery bill books for over 30 years, giving you an expert knowledge of the job.

You can have you invoice books printed on just plan paper with no carbonless copy. Alternatively you can have carbonless paper with up to 5 copies of the top sheet made automatically (NCR paper).  The choice is yours. What is more, each sheet can be a different colour to help you tell which copy goes to which person. For example, the white goes to accounts, blue to the customer, green to dispatch etc etc.

The different paper colours that you can choose from are – yellow, white, pink, green, blue and chamois.

Binding Your Stationery bill book

In addition to all of this you can also choose how your stationery bill book is bound together.

First of all there is good old fashioned gluing. This is when our custom invoice book printers glued them into pads of how ever many sets you want with a sheet of card on the back for strength. However, glued stationery bill books are only recommended if you are going to use them in an office environment.

Secondly, our stationery bill book printers can stapled them together for heavy duty strength. This is done by using 3 strong wire staples that are driven though the book.  In addition to this a tough card cover is put on the front and back. What is more, the cover is printed with whatever is on the bill sheet, to make it easy to see what is in the book.

Thirdly, our stationery bill book printers can give them to you as loos individual sheets or sets. This saves you from having to pull them of a pad or out of a book.

If you would like to speak to our stationery bill book printers just call 01646 682676 today. Or you can send a message by following this link.


Stationery bill book Printers