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Thermographed Printing In Pembrokeshire

Thermography, or raised ink printing is a simple way to add class and elegance to your printing. Indeed, thermographed  letterheads, business cards and invitations are wonderfully tactile with raised ink that you cannot help but run your fingers over them.

We are proud to be able to produce Thermographe printing in Pembrokeshire in any colour you want and on most papers or cards. Furthermore, our graphic designers know how to prepare your brand and logo so that it can be printed in raised ink. It is not as simple at conventional printing because you have to use thicker lines to produce the raised image.  This means that logos etc often have to be re-drawn to stop them becoming an unintelligible blob – if the lines are too close together they will fill in leaving no gap between them. It takes a graphic designer experienced in working with thermography to know how much space to leave.

If you would like to speak to someone about getting your thermographed printing in Pembrokeshire call 01646 682676 today.

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