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Trevor Has Dinner With Deputy Speaker Of The House Of Commons In Pembrokeshire!

Modern Print & Designs Trevor Collins, was very fortunate to be invited to a dinner hosted by Stephen Crab MP for the Deputy Speaker Of The House Of Commons, Nigel Evans MP, on 22 March 2013. The dinner was held at Johnstons, Cinnamon Spice, Indian restaurant.  

Everyone who attended had a thoroughly interesting evening and a much better idea of how the House Of Commons functioned by the end of it. Trevor spent a great deal of time speaking to Nigel about the problems the Houses of Parliament is experiencing, with the major renovations that it needs. Indeed Big Ben’s tower is beginning to separate from the rest of the palace and lean to one side.

One interesting anecdote that came out of the evening is how the Commons coped with having only one speaker with no deputy’s, for a grate deal of its history. As you are probably aware the house can only sit whilst the speaker is present, so to get around the problem of the Speaker leaving mid debate, his chair was designed as a very large commode. This is reason it has curtains!

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