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Web Designers In Pembrokeshire Really Busy!

If the studio is anything to go by web designers in Pembrokeshire are really busy!

Indeed our web developer is averaging an new order every week at the moment. So please call 01646 682676 if you need help with a new website design because they do take time to build.

Over recent weeks the studio have taken website design orders from –

An accomplished artist in Pembroke Dock, Pembrokeshire

The site will comprise of 3 main sections –

  • Home page
  • Blog / case study / gallery system
  • contact us page

The web designers have been asked to build a modern, subtle site with minimalist detail and a sharp mono colour palette. For this reason grays and whites will feacher very strongly in the design along with a more traditional serif typeface.

Serif typefaces are thoughts like Times New Roman that go wider at the top and bottom of each letter.

A large new tourist attraction in Tenby, Pembrokeshire

This larger Pembrokeshire website will be made up of –

  • Home page
  • About the attraction page
  • Facility Page
  • Environmental Page
  • Booking page
  • Blog / news page
  • Contact us page

The designers here have been asked to make a strong modern website using a vibrant colour palette and a more graphic finish. Indeed, the colour it well be designed with are all drawn from nature to give it a powerful finish to get it noticed. However, the web design will feature a nice clean modern looking sans serif typeface as opposed to the serif font planed for the previous website design.

A Pembrokeshire Landscaping Company

The owners of this business have asked our Pembrokeshire web designers to build a 6 page website –

  • Home page
  • Landscaping page
  • Patio & walls page
  • Decking & woodwork page
  • Projects / blog page
  • Contact us page

This website design will feacher strong, bold photos of the natural environment to promote their work and service. Indeed, many of the photos will be of projects they have undertaken over the years in Pembrokeshire.

Please call today on 01646 682676 if you would like to speak to one of our Pembrokeshire website designers. Or, follow this link to send a message.

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