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Web Tip – Use Free Online Tutorials

YouTube is full of free social media and website marketing tutorial videos. Tutorials that can really help you to boost your marketing at no cost to you – so take advantage of them!

Only last week, a friend was telling me that they are having trouble expanding their eBay customer base. However, when I asked them what they were doing to reach more potential customers, they said they did not know what to do.

YouTube is full of great knowledge from people on all subjects.  For example there are videos made by people who know the ins-and-outs of eBay. You can watch these free of charge and learn how to use it successfully to make more money. I therefore recommended that my friend watch some of these to see if there was anything useful which they could learn.

What’s more, eBay even has its own tutorial videos on YouTube.  It even links these to it’s website. “eBay For Business” is the name of this channel and the aim of many of the films is to help people sell more and expand their businesses.

If you would like a free no commitment review of your social media profile or website, please call us on 01646 682676 today. It’s completely free and could help you to reach more customers. Alternatively you can send us a message by following this link.

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