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What Are The Legal Requirements for Letterheads

 Limited company letterheads must legally show:


The name of the company. Quite simply, if the name you trade under varies in any way to the full registered name of your company – as shown on your certificate of incorporation, then on the letterhead you must display the full name, including ‘limited’ etc. This must end in "Limited" or "Ltd" or their Welsh equivalents. If the Welsh equivalents are used, it must also state on the letterhead, in English, that it is a limited company.
The company registration number and registered office. Your registered office must be clearly identified on the letterhead. If there is only one address shown on the letterhead, the words "registered office" can appear in small type just above, below or referred to in the foot. This should also include whether the company is registered in England (or ‘England & Wales’) or Scotland. The company place of business should also be stated, if different to the address of registered office.
Limited company letterheads usually show but it is not compulsory
Names of Directors. There is no legal requirement to include the names of the directors on the letterhead but if put one down you must put then put all down. If any of the directors are non-British, their nationality must be stated.
Telephone and fax number, the business’ website and email address.
The VAT number. This is a legal requirement for invoices but not letterheads. 
The general industry or nature of the company’s business, unless obvious from the company name.
Legal requirements for letterheads for other types of businesses:
An investment company should state that it is such a company (section 266 of the Companies Act 1985).
If companies with share capital choose to state share capital then only the paid-up share capital must be stated.
A company exempt from using the word ‘limited’ in its name, should state that it is a limited company.
If charitable companies name excludes the word charity or charitable then it must state on the letterhead that it is in fact a charity.
Partnership business guidelines indicate that if you are a partnership business, all letterheads and order forms must include the names of all partners and the address of the head or main office.
This list is not intended to be a definitive account of all the legal requirements. We would therefor advise you to consult your solicitor. 
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