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What is Art Paper?

Art paper (also known as coated paper) has a smooth coated surface making it perfect for full colour litho offset printing. The reason for this is that the coating stopes the ink from soaking into the paper. It then drys on the surface making the colours bolder and more vibrant. However, it can only be used for litho offset printing and not laser (including photocopying) or inkjet printing. The reason for this is that laser toner will not fuse successfully with the surface. On the other hand inkjet ink will not dry properly on it. Furthermore, it terrible to use as writing paper. For that you will need uncoated paper.

Art paper is in no way waterproof. The only way to make this paper water proof is to encapsulate it (often incorrectly called lamination). That is, completely seal it in plastic with a lip going all the way around the outside to make sure water doesn’t get in on the edges. Don’t forget though, if you do this you must make sure not to staple or punch the encapsulated sheet. This is because that will break the seal and let the water in.

There are only 3 types of art paper made –

  • Gloss
  • Silk
  • Matte

… and they only come in one colour, white. The reason for this as mentioned above is that they are used for full colour litho offset printing and you do not want coloured paper for that. This is because it would distort the ink colours you are printing. For example, it you accidently put a yellow sheet of paper into your home printer when printing a photo is will look terrible. All the colours with have a yellow hue to them because of the paper it was printed on. As a result of this distortion you can only print accurately in full colour on white paper. Hence coated paper only being available in white.

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