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Window stickers are a great way to advertise to passers by in Pembrokeshire. You can let people know exactly what you are offering at your shop or office as well as giving them your contact details. Please call today on 01646 682676 today if you would like to speak to a designer about your project.

Pictures is a window sticker in Pembroke Dock. It was designed and printed by us for Pembrokeshire Accountancy Services new offices in Dimond Street. The client wanted a sticker to put in the top half of their glass dose to give people their contact details when they were not there. It was a lot easier than putting up a sign.

The first thing we did was arrange a free design consultation to discuss what they needed in more detail. As a new business this included free marketing advice to help get their business off the ground. That is why we suggested the name, Pembrokeshire Accountancy Services’ to them. It was a name that would give them a big boost when the time came to develop a website for the business. This is because it contains key words linkly to be included in Google searches for business like theres eg, ‘accountants in Pembrokeshire’ etc.

It was also decided to use complementary colours blue, green gray and white in the design to create a secure and safe feeling. After all, blue is associated with big safe and reliable companies such as IBM, Barclays and ICI.

We then moved on to their branding which they also needed developing before their window sticker could be printed. It was decided to go for a simple, no nonsense text based logo. Indeed Pembrokeshire Accountancy Services selected the exact type face they wanted before they left the studio. This was to be combined with a list of services and icons representing key aspects of what they do.

The end result of this design consultation is the logo, brand and window sticker you see in the photo opposite.

If you would like to speak to one of our window sticker designers in Pembrokeshire please call today on 01646 682676. Alternately, follow this link to send a message.


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