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Yellow Pages Scam Hits Pembrokeshire Businesses

We have been made aware that there is a scam targeting businesses that appears to come from ‘Yellow Pages’

An organisation called Yellow Pages 24 is phoning businesses to ask if you wish to continue advertising in their publication or online.  They are branding themselves as ‘Yellow Pages’ and insist that you have previously advertised with them.  This is then followed up with a letter that appears to cancel the ‘order’ which you are asked to sign.  DO NOT SIGN IT.  It is in fact a contract and will be followed up with a bill for a significant sum of money. The organisation also ‘trades’ as City Maps and has a business address on Oxford St, London.

They are currently under investigation by the Police and Trading standards across the country.  The official Yellow Pages are also aware that this is happening.

If you receive a phone call or a letter, please contact Anthony Da Torres, Trading Standards at County Hall.

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