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Your Websites Colour Palette – Free advice from the Pembrokeshire Website Designers

Using too many colours is usually bad for your website. It creates confusion and when you really over do it with colours, you can end up in a pickle.

 However, you can avoid this by simplifying your colour palette. Reduce your number of colours to three. Your background, base and accent color.
Background colour. You will use this colour the most in your web design. This is the colour that sets the general tone and feel of your website design.
The second colour is base. You will use this colour to break up the background, to separate and distinguish layout elements.  The Base colour is usually somewhere in the middle. It is not too boring nor too flashy, think of it as the glue that holds your website design together. The last colour is the accent. It should have a high contrast to your background and base color. Typically it is the boldest colour on your website.
Please not this is general advice because rules are always made to be broken!
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