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2021 Calendars Now Available in Pembrokeshire

You can choose between large or small quantities of off the shelf calendars designed with you personal advert, or bespoke calendars designed and printed from scratch. The choice is yours with a minimum orders of only 25 calendars. This means you won’t be forced to order more that you need.

With over 50 off the shelf designs that will be personalised with your business message and branding you will have plenty to choose from. Calendar themes vary form from wildlife and rural scenes to cars and humorous cartoons. It gives you a cost effective way to buy small quantities on calendars to give to your customers this Christmas.

Completely Bespoke Calendars Printed in Pembrokeshire

What is more you can also have a completely new calendar designed for you from scratch. It can feature your own photos and illustrations or we can find photos and graphics for you. If you would like some of these completely bespoke calendars please call today on 01646 682676.

We will arrange a free, no commitment design consultation with a graphic designer who will talk you through everything that you need for a stunning bespoke calendar. Every aspect of the calendar will be tailored to your exact requirements such as –

  • Number and size of pages
  • The material used
  • the finish – high gloss, gloss, silk, matte etc
  • Colours and Typeface
  • The graphics / images used
  • Size of the dates and whether there are spaces to write notes next to them
  • The general lock and feel of the calendar

and much more.

Please note, with the completely bespoke option you really need to be thinking of ordered 250 or more to make it economic. However, we are happy to design and print just one.

Please call today on 01646 682676 to talk about your 2021 calendars or follow this link to send a message.

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