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Printing on Environmentally Friendly Paper

Environmentally Friendly Printing in Pembrokeshire

Here in black and white is what we are doing for you to help the Pembrokeshire environment. No waffle, just action.

  1. When you place your first graphic design or printing order, a tree will be planted in Tanzania to help offset your carbon footprint.
  2. With a 5.67kWh solar panel system powering our building, you can be assured that a significant portion of the energy used to produce your work is carbon-free.
  3. Whenever practical, environmentally friendly Bio Inks are used. These are based on vegetable oil rather than
    mineral, making your printing more sustainable.
  4. All paper used comes from environmentally managed forests and does not contain any hardwood. So you can have a clear conscience.
  5. The paper used is manufactured in an environmentally friendly manner. You will be given the environmental
    details of the brands you like, so you can choose between them.
  6. Any off cuts of paper large enough to be put through a printing press are re-used, to reduce waste and
    keep your printing costs down.
  7. Any off cuts of paper to small to print on are sent for recycling by the printers, to reduce landfill.
  8. Spoiled sheets of paper are re-used when the printers set up the machines, to avoid using fresh sheets. Nothing is wasted when printing, which help to keep your printing costs under control.
  9. A large amount of the packaging received is re-used to hold your completed printing. This reduces your carbon consumption.
  10. We are Environmentally Friendly Printers in Pembrokeshire, serving Pembrokeshire customers. This dramatically reduces the number of miles your printing travels to get to you.

Please contact us today on 01646 682676 if you would like to learn more about the environmentally friendly policies of your local Pembrokeshire Graphic Designers and Printers.