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5 Tips For Great Outdoor Signs in Pembrokeshire

1. The Perfect Location

Location must always be considered when planning and placing your signage! Here are two examples of how location will help you determine how your signs should be designed:

Street Signs
Hear the content should be very precise, effective and clear. This is because it will mainly be seen by people who are in a hurry or on the go.

Window Signs
The fewer the words, the greater the understanding. Using strong emphasis and catchy words to attract larger audiences and broadly promote the business.

2. Less Is More

Passers-by only have seconds to read your sign! Make the message clear and concise so it is not ignored. Use the five-second rule: If you can absorb your signs the message in less than five seconds it’s going to work. However,  if it takes longer, you will have to shorten it.

3. Good Call To Action

Signs are the largest sized advertisements and, as any good advertiser knows, once you have someone’s attention you need to motivate the customer to act on something. This is what is the called the “call to action.”

Essentially you are giving people who see your sign a nudge in the right direction you want them to go. For example, ‘call today on 01646682676’ or ‘get yours now’.

Remember, an effective sign needs to have a simple goal with catchy instructions.

4. Readable Typefaces

Using complicated, script or multiple typefaces can detract from your message and clutter up the design. The human eye reads simple clean cut letters and proper capitalisation much more easily. Go for clear, straight typefaces that are easily readable and use slightly larger text or bold letters for emphasis.

5. Colours That Work

Remember when designing advertising signage that colour makes the sign stand out from the from the wall or window it has been mounted on. The contrast between the foreground and background is one of the most important factors for ease of reading. Choosing a bold background with a minimal message will draw more attention from the crowd.

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