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£5000 Funding For Small Businesses In Pembrokeshire and Beyond

 Small businesses in Wales can access up to £5000 towards the cost of training and recruitment through the GO Wales programme.

Funding for Training

If you or any of your staff have a degree, HND, HNC or equivalent (it doesn’t matter when you attained this qualification) you could access 50% of the cost of a training course up to £1,500 per person.

The funding is available for a range of training courses that will benefit your business and the individual taking part, the course must cost a minimum of £175 plus VAT and we ask that you make an application to GO Wales before booking or paying for the training.

Courses we can fund include; PRINCE2 Project Management, Masters Degrees, MBAs, Management courses, IT courses and many more.

Each business can claim up to £5000 funding in total.

Subsidised Work Placements

The 10 week work placement programme has benefited thousands of small businesses in Wales over the past ten years; if you have a project in mind that would help develop your business and you need a specific set of skills to help you get your project off the ground then we can help.

The salary for work placements is £240 per week and GO Wales subsidises £90 per week towards this meaning you can employ a skilled individual for 10 weeks at a cost of £1,500.

We have thousands of degree students and graduates registered with the programme from all degree disciplines who are looking for work in Wales; as you can imagine the competitive job market has meant that the calibre of individuals on our books is extremely high.

For more information on subsidised work placements or funding for training please call 0845 225 60 50 or email 

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