Events website designers in Pembrokeshire for Marcela Mexican Cuisine

Events website designers in Pembrokeshire for Marcela Mexican Cuisine

Branding & Website Design

Marcela Mexican Cuisine is a project set up to share the authentic and delicious flavours of Mexico. Born in Mexico, but now living in the UK, Marcela aims to share the wonderful food of her home with the people of Pembrokeshire. She asked our web designers for some help with their branding, printing and creating a brand new website.

The first thing we did was to invite Marcela into the studio to discuss her plans for the website. Marcela wanted a website she could update easily to tell people all about her upcoming events around the county.

She also wanted the design to be bright and fun to bring the “fiesta” spirit to match her events. It was extremely important to Marcela that we used traditional “Otomi” design styles which are native to Mexico. You can see these represented in the finished design by each of the bright animal and flower elements throughout.

Events that are dotted around the county are the main focus of this website, so we wanted it to be as easy as possible for visitors to find the locations. We added a Google Map embed to each of the event pages which would create a map, branded in Marcela’s business style, showing the location.

After we had finished discussing the website, we also spoke about getting some matching business cards to hand out at events.

Events website designers in Pembrokeshire

After the project was complete, Marcela was invited into the studio to receive some in-person training on how to edit her new website. When you have a website hosted with us, you can ask for more training at any time. If Marcela ever forgets how to do anything, we’re only a phone call away!

Please call us today on 01646 682676 to speak to one of our events website designers in Pembrokeshire. Or you can follow this link to send a message.