Holiday Website Designers in Pembrokeshire For Bossiney Bay

Holiday website designed for Bossiney Bay

Website Design

Our holiday website designers were approached by MyCornishEscape to build a new website for their Bossiney Bay park. MyCornishEscape provide rental and sales at their exceptional Bossiney Bay holiday accommodation in Tintagel, Cornwall. For years, they had been struggling on with the limitations of their old Wix website for their company brand MyCornishEscape. Subsequently, they decided it was time for a refresh. What they needed was a holiday website design to match the quality of their properties and service.

We had worked with the company in the past to develop the original Bossiney Bay website. They were so happy with the design that they decided to merge it with their main company brand, MyCornishEscape. The first step of the project was to update their main logo, using the same brand style we first developed for Bossiney Bay. We introduced concepts of the sea, sun and birds into the logo marque to really capture the coastal nature of their premium holiday accommodation. MyCornishEscape was used as the strapline.


Secondly, we utilised the natural colours with a bright and contrasting colour palette of light and dark blues, the occasional cream to add warmth all set against clean white backgrounds. Thirdly, we felt the sheer beauty of the surrounding area needed to play a large part in the holiday website design. Our website design features large high-quality photographs throughout to really show the beauty of their properties and the landscape.

Holiday Website Booking System

Finally, Bossiney Bay use a third party booking system. We integrated this system seamlessly into the website to allow people to check availability. We supplied the booking provider with our branding assets and they were able to fully match their pages to our website design.

This creates a wonderful system where the user hops between the two websites, interacting with them both as needed. Most importantly the user never feels like they are being shuttled between two systems. This builds user confidence and trust in the company. Harsh changes in style and layout can put people off when booking their holiday.

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