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Laxfield Herefords Website Designed In Pembrokeshire

Website Design

Laxfield Herefords are based in Talog, Carmarthenshire and they breed pedigree Hereford cattle. The cattle are used as breeding stock in the UK and international beef farming industry.

When they approached our Pembrokeshire website designer to help them rise their profile we were delighted. The the first thing that was done was arrange a free, no commitment website consultation. At this free meeting their aims and what they wanted to achieve with their new website were discussed along with design preferences.

It quickly became apparent that Laxfield Herefords wanted a website designed in Pembrokeshire that had a traditional rural feel to it. A look that suggested the long, multi generational life of the business demonstrating that it had been in their family for  several life times. Hence the use of greens, brown and reds with are all very traditional colour associated with agricultural businesses.

This was combined with a very traditional style of logo. It harks back to the sort of marks you would see uses by edwardian and victorian food producers.  The animals head is coming out of a circle as though it were a window. The only difference being that this logo is a colour photo rather than a traditional drawing.

Pedigree Animals For Sale

A key purpose of the site was to enable Laxfield Herefords to show potential customers the pedigree cattle they have for sale. This was done by designing a simple to use blog system. On this they could easily list all their animal for sale. Each listing also has a direct link to that animals pedigree details on the official central registry for Hereford cattle.

If you would like to speak to one of out expert Pembrokeshire website designers please cal Trevor today on 01646 682676. Alternatively you can follow this link to send the studio a message.