Web Designers in Pembrokeshire For Marble Hall Chippy Milford Haven

Web Designers in Pembrokeshire For Marble Hall Chippy Milford Haven

Website Design

Marble Hall Chippy is well known in the aria and is one of the busiest in the take aways in the county. This is the reason that they needed an Pembrokeshire ecommerce website. The sheer number of orders they handel meant that they need help. Especially with the current situation with Covid-19.

Indeed when I visited the shop before Covid-19 struck people were queuing out of the building, up the road. What is more, it was only a midd weekday night. It must be ridiculously busy on the weekends.

Not surprisingly for such a popular chip shop, it has a very large menu. A menu ranging from the traditionale fair to a selection of curries and a range of daily specials including chilli Con Carenau (at the time of writing).

It is well worth a visit if you are feeling hungry in the Milford Haven aria. I can certainly recommend them!

The ordering system works using the tried and tested shopping cart system that we all know. You go to the menu and click next to the items you want to order, selecting the quantities. You then then get asked if you would like salt and / or vinegar added.

Once you have everything you want in the cart you proceed to the check out and pay. At this point a copy of your order prints out in the Marble Hall chip shop. It is printed two up on an A4 sheet of paper and is taken by a member of staff.

That staff member prepares the order for you puting one half of theĀ  A4 order sheet with the order and keeping the other half for their records. Both halfs have all the order detail on it to avoid confusion.

The owners of the Marble Hall chip shop were delighted with the ease of use for the system for both them and their customers. It is a great Pembrokeshire website design.

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