Web Designers in Neyland for The Alumchine

website design

This wonderful artisan website was designed and developed by or Pembrokeshire web designers for the Alunchine Restaurant in Neyland.

The web designers brief was to create a unique site programed from scratch with hand drawn graphics. Unlike most other web designers we do not use pre designed templates. Everything is designed to suite the exact requirements of our client. It really is an artisan website.

Take the illustrations you see in the photos. Every one of them was drawn by our senior designer and then carefully highlighted with digital colour washes to create the right look and feel. Doing this alone was several days solid work for this highly skilled designer.

Basically the design team was trying to create a website that was both modern and yet had elements of edwardian grandia in it.

The website featured a home page, menu, about us, and contact us pages. All featured our hand drawn illustrations and wonderful photos of their food. Photos, that show just how good the Mediterranean and British food the serve is.

In addition to this the website featured a weather forecast at the bottom of each page. The reason for this is that the views from the restaurant are stunning. It is in Neyland Yacht club and overlooks the River Cleddau. So being to see the river views on a clear day really enhances your dining experience.

Also build into the sight is the ability for the owners to add customer reviews. This helps give new people who have never been there before a more personal indication of what the restaurant is like. This is backed us by a facebook news feed direct from their social media page and most recent Trip Adviser review. Please call today on 01646 682676 to find out more or follow this link.