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Web Designers in Pembrokeshire for Knobbs Hardware

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Knobbs Hardware are a Pembrokeshire company that makes artisan, handmade wooden door knobs for all sorts of applications. Over eight years ago, they approached us to build a website to begin selling their products online. Since that website went live they have sold successfully to hundreds of customers across the UK using an eCommerce website designed in Pembrokeshire.

However, whilst the site was performing well, stylistically things had moved on in the marketplace and they felt it was time for a complete website redesign. As part of the redesign, they wanted to refreshing their branding and logo to modernise them. This is the reason they approached our Pembrokeshire web design studio during the Covid-19 lockdown.

All our Pembrokeshire web design projects start the same way – a free, no commitment web design consultation was arranged with the business owner. Before the meeting a web designer investigated their current site to see what was working and could do with improvement.

This meant that, during the meeting, Knobbs Hardware were fully informed of what was happening with their current website and what we could improve for them. All of this was explained in simple, straightforward language; something that meant they were able to make informed decisions about the website.

The most pressing of these matters was to modernise the whole look of the website with a new lighter colour palette. Whilst at the same time modernising the logo with a new elegant look playing on the wood. After all, wood is key to the quality of their products. This was combined with expanding the website layout to fill the whole computer screen. (When their previous website had been built it was common for PC monitors to be much smaller, so the width of the design was limited to reflect this).

The end result of all of this is the great looking Pembrokeshire website design you see here. A website where visitors can easily buy whatever shape, colour and variety of wooden door knobs they want.

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