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Web designers in Pembrokeshire for the West Wales Dental Clinic

Website Design

The West Wales Dental Clinic based in Carmarthen asked our Pembrokeshire web designers to redesign their existing site. Our Website designers had designed their original site 4 years previously and it was felt it now needed refresh.

The first thing that we did was change the colour to match the new corporate design that our designers had created for their business stationery. After all, it is important that all of your marketing material follows a consistent corporate identity. So, out went the red and in came the bright blue.

The second thing that we did was to update many of the photos and images because nothing shows the age of a website more than images of people with out of fashion clothes or hairstyles.

Due to the medical nature of the website it pages had to feature many implant devices and official documents. Documents that visitors to the website had to be able to print out easily. Our Pembrokeshire website designers therefore added them to the pages as PDF’s so that that most people would be able to print them out (without needing extra software).

In addition; West Wales Dental Clinic needed many different enquiry forms for various procedures, each with its own relevant questions. All of this had to be designed into the site.

The end result is the website that you know see. A polished, modern website design that the West Wales Dental Clinic were delighted with.

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