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Benson Viscometers Website Designed in Pembrokeshire case study

Website and Brand Design

Benson Viscometers are a firm based in Milford Haven Pembrokeshire that build and sell viscometers to hospitals. A viscometer is a machine that measures the thickness of a person’s blood.

When they had their free web development consultation Benson Viscometers were at pains to explain that their website had to look professional. It needed to convey confidence and show medical professionals, through the websites design, that they were experts in viscometers. For this reason it was decided to keep the website clean and uncluttered to convey an air of medical expertise which the firm has in abundance.

It was also stipulated that they needed a show visitors the range of customers they have, where they are based and what they think of the machines they have bought. To do this our pembrokeshire web designers decided on a 3 prong approach.

Firstly, at the bottom of the home page a scrolling slideshow was designed to show the logos of all the organisations when have bought their viscometers. What is more, they can easily add or remove logs whenever they want to without have to ask a designer to do it for them. This saves them money.

Secondly, a map was added to the, ‘About Benson Viscometers’ Page. On this map the firm can easily add markers to show where their machines are located around the UK and what model they are. For example they have one or more BV 200 viscometers in Bath and BV1 viscometers in Belfast.

Finally, our web designers in Pembrokeshire created an easy to use blog system so that they can add testimonials to their website whenever they get them.

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