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Exhibition Roller Banner Designers In Pembrokeshire

Your free standing roller banner is perfect as the backdrop to an exhibition stand or for publicising what you do at Pembrokeshire business networking events. This is because at 850mm x 2000mm our printers make them narrow enough to fit into any size space you have been given. At the same time though, they are tall enough to get seen.

Your roller banner designers will work with you here in Pembrokeshire, to create an eye-catching design that will really advertise your products or services. What’s more, you will also receive free marketing advice to help you boost your sales from your new exhibition roller banner. Please contact us today on 01646 682676 to get your free marketing advice.

Your Pembrokeshire roller banner will be printed on anti-curl plastic to make sure it remains flat when you put it up – lesser materials will curl around at the sides spoiling the effect. Your roller banner printers will also use an anti-glare coating to help people read your banner even when it is in bright light.

All our exhibition roller banners come with their own case so you can easily lift it in one hand making it so easy to move about. What’s more, it only takes two minutes to put up saving you valuable time when you want to get started at an exhibition. This is because your Pembrokeshire roller banners will come with an easy to use clip to fasten it the top of the holding pole, unlike the fiddly awkward ones found on many other roller banners.

To arrange a free no-commitment design consultation with experienced exhibition roller banner designers and printers in Pembrokeshire contact us today on 01646 682676.

Here are just some of the roller banners our graphic designers have created recently for people like you. Just click on the design to enlarge.

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