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If you are looking for envelope designers in Pembrokeshire please call 01646 682676 today. You will find our expert graphic designers experienced in creating envelope designs that get you noticed.  After all, the more you get noticed the more likely it is that you will receive a positive response for the person you are writing to.

The design you see opposite was created by one of our Pembrokeshire envelop designers for ATEB in Haverfordwest (formerly known and Pembrokeshire Housing).  Basically ATEB were getting problems arranging appointments for their heating engineers with their tenants. Their letters were being ignored and appointments missed all of which cost them money.   To help stop this it was decided to design and print two high impact envelopes to get them noticed.

Envelope Design Briefing

The design brief was to create something fun and bright that tied into their new corporate branding.  By the same token, they also wanted it to sum up that the appointment was for.  For this reason the envelope designers decided to use strong background colours. Colours that tied into ATEB’s existing corporate branding. The blue from their branding was used for the standard appointment envelope whilst the magenta (pinky red) was used for their ‘Now Due’ envelopes. This is because red is such a strong warning colour that demands attention from the person viewing it.

As to ‘summing up what the appointment’ was for, the envelope designers created a neat solution. The studio added a watermark into the the background colour. This was created by drawing a range of household appliances that would be inspected by the engineer. The drawings were than printed in a lighter shade of blue so that they could be seen against the dark blue background.  Appliances drawn included such things as cookers, boilers and fires etc.

If you would like to learn more about getting a high impact envelope designed for you please call 01646b 682787 today. Alternatively send a message by following this link.


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