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Free Web Marketing Tip – Post Stories on Your ‘Google My Business’ Page

Google My Business is a great free resource that is given to all businesses free of charge by Google. It is a tool that you can use to beat national firms and brands in the web page rankings struggle in your local market. In short, it boost your page ranking and helps you reach more potential customers.

One of the things that this excellent free resource offers a special reserved section near the top of the first page. It is reserved for local businesses based in the area being searched. For example, ‘web designers in Pembrokeshire‘ or ‘printers in Pembrokeshire‘.  You will find them after the paid for adverts, just beneath the google map whenever you do an aria based search.  This means that they are in front of all the natural, unsponsored website listings. However, only 3 businesses can get into this section so you have to fight your way to the top to get into it.

Lucky for you it is often not that hard to hard get into those 3 local listings because most local businesses do not bother utilising it!

How To Increase Your Web Ranking

One of the ways to to get into that reserved space for local businesses it to start posting stories on Google My Business. Stories that relate to your business and what you do. This is because most people do not actively use Google My Business. It is pure luck that they have got into the top section.

So, by actively using it and posting relevant stories Google will see that your Google My Business account is active. Activity which will hopefully boost its position to the top slot.

What is more, it can also boosts you natural page ranking as well. To do this link your posts back to a relevant page on your website when posting stories. You really will see your page ranking rising. It works for us so it should for you as well!

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