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Free Website Marketing Tips – Review and Update Your SEO Keywords

It is vital to review and update the key words on each page of your website every year or so. This is because what was working then may no longer be having an effect. This is probably the most fundamental of all the free website marketing tips that I can give you.

The first thing to do is find out what keywords will get you found of Google. To do this I use Google’s Keyword Planner. This is a great free resource that tells you how many searches are made for any given word or combination of words per month. What is more, it even tells you whether you will face high, medium or low competition for it.  Indeed, I find Google’s keyword planner the most useful research tool open to me.

The ideal thing to do is find a search engine fraise with a high number of people searching for it but with low competition from other websites. A phrase that someone might put into Google to find a business like yours. For example. I stand very little chance of getting a good page ranking ‘website designers’ because to the competition is so fiers. However, the competition for ‘website designers in Pembrokeshire’ is considerably less. So, I optimise my website page for that.

Once you have chosen your keywords or phrase use it several times in the pages text. Include it into the pages domain name and the meta tag of any photos on the page. Incorporate it into the pages main heading and designate it with the highest website prominence – F1.

You should be able to do all these things on a well built bespoke website and it will result in more people finding it. That is why it is so important to choose the right website designers.

If you would like speak to someone about updating your SEO keywords on your website call 01646 682676 today. Alternatively, follow this link to send a message. 

If you would like to read other free website marketing tips just check out the Blogs and Latest News page on out website.

Free Website Marketing tips in Pembrokeshire

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