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Gold Foil Blocked Business Card Printers In Pembrokeshire For Aelkemista

Gold foil block printing is not a very common printing process, however, it is something that we at Modern Print & Design can provide in Pembrokeshire.


The business cards opposite were designed in dark blue ink both sides on crisp white card for Aelkemista, near St Davids Pembrokeshire.  The gold foil blocked star at the top was then printed on using a separate machine.
Foil block printing as the name implies dose not involve ink but rather metal foil that is passed over the front of the business card. It is then struck with grate force with a traditional printing block that had the shape of the star on it raised above the rest of the block. This meant all the force was consecrated in this aria, fusing the foil beneath it to the surface of the card in the shape of the star.  
If you would like to speak to someone about getting foil block business cards printed or indeed invitations, vouches and gifts, please call Trevor today on  01646 682676.
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