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Magnetic Business Card Printers in Pembrokeshire

From time to time customers ask us if we can print magnetic business cards for them and the answer is yes!

Please call 01646 682676 to speak to the magnetic business card printers in Pembrokeshire.

What is more, the cards are perfect for businesses in the take away food market. After all, where do most magnets get put? On the fridge.

Imagine the scenario. A customer of yours goes to the fridge and is not inspired by what they see in it. However,  your magnetic business card is on the door so they call you because it is convenient. It is the equivalent of putting impulse purchase items next to the till for people to buy as they queue with their shopping.

It equally can benefit many business that has deal with emergencies solutions. Such as plumbers.  What better way is the for a plumber to get called back for more work that putting a magnetic business card on a customers boiler?

After all, heat can cause labels to come off with time and you are not going to be shopping around for quotes when you have a problem. You will call the first plumber that comes to mind because it is an emergency and you have to act fast.

Our magnetic business card printers in Pembrokeshire can produce your cards in full colour to match your corporate brand identity. This includes your logo and photos. Indeed, you can have anything that you would have printed on paper or card printed onto you magnets. It is what makes them so versatile. Equally, the cards are flexible so they will mould to the contours of the item they are put on. However, they are still strong and long lasting.

So please call the magnetic business card printers in Pembrokeshire today on 01646 682676. Or alternatively send a message by following this link.


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