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Metallic Silver Foil Blocked Invitation Printers In Pembrokeshire

If you are looking for metallic silver foil blocked invitations printed in Pembrokeshire please call today on 01646 682676.

The photo opposite shows a full colour invitation that was recently designed and printed for Heritage Park, Pembrokeshire. The dark blue of the night sky was a perfect canvas for silver foil blocking and the client jumped at it when we suggested it to them.

The metallic silver uses is real metal that comes in a long ribbon wound into a roll. It is than unwound and put against the card you want it applied to and struck by a printing blockcreating grate pressure .  Where the arias of presser are applied the metallic silver sticks to the card giving the metallic silver text you see opposite.

You are not limited to text – graphics, crests, logos and Coats of Arms call all be foil block printed.
Please call Trevor today on 01646 682676 to learn more or get a quotations for your foil blocked invitations.

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