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Modern Print and Design Thanked For Charity Sponsorship

Modern Print and Design recently helped Rachel Scourfield of Thomas Scourfield & Sons, raise £1535 for Macmillan Cancer Support. This was done by supplying her with all the stationary she required to promote her 26 mile Pembrokeshire dawn walk.

Below is the letter of thanks she sent Trevor and the boys at Modern Print and Design –

Dear Trevor,

I write to thank you for your generosity in giving me materials to send out correspondence in order to generate sponsorship for the Dawn Walk. I completed the 26 mile Pembrokeshire Dawn Walk on the 20th May. It took me nine hours to complete and I can safely say that the finishing line is one of the best sights I have ever seen!

Nevertheless, I managed to raise £1535 in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support so ever mile was worth it. Macmillan really is a worthy cause and I thank you again in supporting me in my endeavour.

Yours sincerely,


Rachel Scourfield,

Thomas Scourfield & Sons.


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