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Modern Print & Design Target Shooting Club Compete Against German Team

To help celebrate the bicentenary of Pembroke Docks founding, its German twin town, Bergan, sent across a local shooting club. The two teams met on the 24-7-14 for a friendly competition.

Due to the fact that the team from Bergan usually compete in a different shooting discipline from the Modern Print & Design Shooting Club, it was decided that a trophy would be given to the best shot from each team. 

Of particular interest to the visitors was the club’s acoustic shooting range that allows blind and partially-sighted sports people to compete.  It works by having a light sensitive laser attachment to the rifle which is then pointed at the target. The target is printed with a graduated tint which changes colour as you get closer to the bullseye. The laser is able to detect the changing colour and emits a noise that gets louder the closer the competitor gets to the bullseye.


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