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Pembroke Dock Printers Modern Print Plant 150 Trees in Tanzania.

150 trees have been planted by Modern Print over the last 18 months, on Zanzibar in Tanzania.

Pembroke Docks Modern Print have committed themselves to paying for the planting of a tree for every new customer they get. The Guava and Mahogany trees being planted will help repair the environment, offset carbon emissions and provide resources for future generations of local villagers.

Modern Print have been working with Suzani Associates to improve the local environment of Nungwi Village. This is because the interia of the island has been devastated by deforestation over the years. Something most visitors never see.

Modern Prints Managing Partner Trevor Collins said. "This is a hugely worthwhile project for the people of Nungwi Village. I am so greatful to Pembroke Docks Suzani Associates for making it all possible. However there is no truth to the rumour that I am personally planting the trees as an excuse to go on holiday!"

The money being sent by Modern Print is being channelled into the Labayka Development Fund (LDF). This local community group is committed to the sustainable socio-economic development of Nungwi Village. The LDF also supports education and better healthcare for the villagers and is entirely run by the local community.

If you would like to learn more about this worthwhile project, please click on or call Trevor on 01646 682676


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